This little piggy—died

ThisLittlePigletDiedAccording to Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, 7 million piglets have died in the last year from porcine deltacorona-virus (PDCoV)  and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) , causing temendous hardship for many American pork producers.

In response to the significant impact PEDv and PDECoV are having on U.S. pork producers, the USDA announced $26.2 million in funding to combat these diseases. Additionally, USDA issued a Federal Order requiring the reporting of new detections of these viruses to its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), or state animal health officials.

Vilsack said, “The number of market-ready hogs this summer could fall by more than 10 percent relative to 2013 because of PEDv. Together with industry and our state partners, the steps we will take through the Federal Order will strengthen the response to PEDv and those other viruses and help us lessen the impact to producers, which ultimately benefit the consumers who have seen store pork prices rise by almost 10 percent in the past year.”

On a related note, Ames, Iowa-based vaccine producer, Harrisvaccines, announced that it has been granted USDA conditional licensure of the company’s Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) Vaccine, RNA utilizing its SirraVaxRNA Particle Technology.

This is the first USDA conditional license granted for a PEDv vaccine since the initial outbreak.

One can’t help but wonder if thousands of pigs crammed into cages and no doubt fed a diet almost or totally GMO corn and soy have anything to do with the conditions that caused these deaths, not to mention countless other crippling and fertility-related problems in pigs fed exclusively GMO foods. Independent scientists have already confirmed many side effects in farm animals and lab animals on an exclusive GMO diet. Natural bodies simply do not handle them efficiently.

I knew a couple of lawyers who left the law and went into pig farming before the days not so long ago when factory farming wiped out all the small pig farmers. I guess the lawyers were making a statement about today’s law.

Maybe those weird viruses are making a statement, too. In their natural state, pigs, which are very intelligent, dig and root, loosening the soil, and eat many different things. They are also a naturally clean animal, and can be trained faster than a dog. Yet they are considered nothing but bacon and ham.

Nature rebels in the end, no matter what is done to it.

Source: AcresUSA


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