What long-life health tips can we learn from America’s oldest veteran?

RichardOvertonRichard Arvine Overton is America’s oldest WWII veteran. At 108 he remains quite active. He spends his days running errands for a local church, working with horses and doing yard work.

So, what health tips can we learn from someone who has lived to the ripe old age of 108? We likely just hit on the most important one in our second sentence: he’s active.

While the airwaves and nutritional advice columns on the Internet are filled with advice that completely excludes such evils as alcohol, meat, caffeine, tobacco, etc., Mr. Overton’s life is a testimony to moderation.

He enjoys cigars, but isn’t a chain smoker; he enjoys coffee every morning, but doesn’t guzzle it all day long;  and he enjoys a shot or two of whiskey each day, but doesn’t drink heavily.

Meanwhile, he is not overweight and he remains active.

There’s that active word again.

In fact, the two complimenting traits of healthy weight and being active seem to be common denominators when examining the health habits of centenarians around the globe.

You will find a wide range of beliefs in different cultures about what constitutes a “healthy” diet; however, the centenarians—no matter where they’re from—always seem to be active and have their weight under control.

Perhaps, rather than focusing too much on the ideas of absolutely none of this and absolutely none of that, we shouldn’t sweat a little moderation in our lives and focus instead on the most important guidelines: exercise regularly and keep our weight in check.

And if you want to delve deeper into other possible secrets to Mr. Overton’s long life, here are some additional details:

He doesn’t watch television. He doesn’t take pharmaceutical drugs. He believes his life is in the hands of a higher power. He doesn’t like war. And, rather than retiring, he kept working until he was almost 100.

Perhaps there’s something to learn from these traits too.

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