Looking for an easy way to lose weight? Try sleeping more.

SleepingWomanAlthough not a new concept, recent research is adding to the idea that lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health. Recently, researchers at the University of Colorado studied the effects of less sleep when it came to weight control.

In this particular study it was demonstrated that participants who received only five hours of sleep per night were much more likely to gain weight compared to participants who received nine hours of sleep.

The reason: When sleep deprived, the participants lost “restraint.” Both men and women ate more. The researchers surmised that, when tired, people simply ignore signals from hormones that typically tell the brain that the stomach is full.

And the repercussions can be dramatic: In this particular case, the five-hour sleepers gained an average of two pounds in just five short days!

Read the full NPR article here.

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