Mindful tips for cutting calories and slimming down

cuttingcaloriesI started to say ‘easy tips for cutting calories,’ but let’s face it—it’s not very easy to change food habits.

More accurately, it requires mindfulness.

And with a little mindful self-discipline, after awhile cutting calories will become easy.

*First, cook more of your own food at home.

Most restaurant food has additives and extra sugar. When you do eat out, take half of it home.

*Grill, steam, bake, boil or steam fry your food. Avoid creamy sauces and dressing whether at home or in a restaurant.

*Don’t keep junk snacks in the house. Dip vegetables instead of chips.

*Use smaller plates and eat smaller portions. Restaurant and modern home plates are 44 percent larger than in the 1980s. Eat slowly and  chew well.

*Bulk up your meals with vegetables.

Surveys have found that 87 percent of Americans don’t eat enough vegetables. Swap fries for extra vegetables.

*Drink water before a meal. Surveys have found that people consume 13 percent fewer calories by drinking just two cups of water before a meal.

How ‘easy’ is that for cutting calories?

*Eat mini portions of sweets and desserts. Don’t touch bread baskets. They can add hundreds of calories at just one meal.

*Get small drinks, not large drinks, and learn to enjoy coffee and tea without adding sugar or creamers.

*Don’t go back for seconds at home or at all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants.

*When shopping, read food labels. If possible, avoid packaged foods and frozen dinners.

*If you’re also concerned about health, don’t microwave your food. Microwaving kills much of the nutrition. More on that later.

*Eat more raw foods. They are filling, contain the ultimate nutritional value and you burn calories simply by chewing them up.

*Don’t eat skins of meats. Fat (calories) are stored there.

*When focused on cutting calories eat without distractions. You’d be surprised how many more calories we consume nibbling while watching TV, reading, or on the phone or computer.

*Eat whole fruits. They fill you so fast you consume fewer calories than drinking juices, and are much more healthy.

*Eat a small amount of protein at each meal. Believe it or not it helps you eat less.

*Try and avoid or limit sugary drinks, candy bars, white bread, breakfast cereals, ice cream, pizza, pastries, cookies, high calorie coffee drinks, most fruit juices and beer.

All of us can master at least some of those tips and enjoy the accomplishment as we incorporate better health and weight management into our lifestyle.

Source: Authoritynutrition.com