Modern Americans’ shortened life expectancy

Americans now have a shortened life expectancy than that of other people living in First World countries, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Americans have a 2.2 year shorter average lifespan than people in UK, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Canada and Austria.


Once upon a time the U.S. was first in health and life expectancy. What happened?

Study author Andrew Fenelon told the Associated Press that Americans have a shortened life expectancy because of higher infant mortality, health problems related to poor choices in diet, gun violence, car accidents, inactivity, obesity and overdoses of illegal drugs (less) and legal pharmaceutical drugs (more).

In other words, concludes the study, we are inflicting earlier death on ourselves because of our modern lifestyle choices.

Well, partly.

What this study and other studies from recent years omit to mention is the onslaught of pesticides and other toxins that permeate our entire modern world. From sea, air and soils to the crops and animals we eat, we are bathed in chemicals.

Chemicals are poured on the conventional and genetically modified (GMO) crops we eat, courtesy of  big corporate agriculture monopoly.

Over 80,000 unnamed chemical derivatives are used in the processed foods we eat (when we make the poor health choices of fast, packaged and processed food.)

Manipulated, gluten-loaded wheat bread and processed meat has made a mockery of the popular, once healthful American favorite—the sandwich.

Doctors dish out prescription drugs like candy via pressure and profit from Big Pharma.

Much of the advice we received from so-called medical experts for many years has been wrong and damaging, contributing to shortened life expectancy.

Some examples include ‘all fats are bad for you,’ ‘all salt is bad for you,’ ‘cholesterol is bad and you need statin drugs.’ Plus: ‘don’t expose your skin to sun or you’ll get cancer,’ ‘GMO’s are the same as natural food,’ and ‘conventional, pesticide-laden crops are the same as organic crops.’

All have been proven wrong or ‘inconclusive.’

Usually unnamed chemicals are in everyday products like laundry soap, shampoo, eye makeup, plastic bags, furniture, paint, household cleansers, cookware and clothing.

Life, ass resilient as it is, does not exist and prosper in a synthetic chemical environment.

Can any rational human truly believe that the way the natural world has been turned upside down has no negative effects on the functions of the natural body and shortened life expectancy?

Clearly, there are many reasons for a shortened life expectancy.