Monsanto and FDA: partners in GMO food crime

MonsantoFDA-ApprovedIndependent investigative reporter, lecturer and author Jon Rappaport has been at work for over 30 years searching out and exposing issues important to all of us that most of the bought and paid for media cannot or will not touch. In an article titled Monsanto and the FDA: 2 Crime Families Working a Trillion-Dollar Hustle, he points to two key statements that identify the core of the crime.

In an infamous statement by Phillip Angell, Monsanto’s Director of Corporate Communications, quoted in the New York Times magazine (10/25/98), Angell said: “Monsanto shouldn’t have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.”

The FDA’s position appears in the Federal Register, Vol 57, No. 104. Statement of FDA Policy: Foods Derived from New Plant Varieties. Among the legalese is the heart of the matter. “Ultimately it is the food producer who is responsible for assuring safety.”

Huh?? And these are the same buck-passing people who are  sending SWAT teams out to small farms and natural health businesses, shutting them down and confiscating supplies of raw milk, vitamins and organic food from co-ops?  And now federal authorities are working on sweeping legislation forbidding states to pass GMO labeling laws.

But the fix has been in for at least 15 years, says Rappaport. It has nothing to do with science, health and “feeding the world,” and everything to do about massive profits and control of the world’s food supply through a system of patents on technologically engineered seeds. As Rappaport comments, “It’s like saying a cob of corn is not a plant, it’s a machine, and we own the rights to every one of those machines. They knew from the start that there would be gene drift blowing in the wind, spreading from crop to crops, plant to plant.

And to ensure that the extremely successful plan of dominance continues to proceed as planned, Michael Taylor, the magical revolving door man between Monsanto and the FDA, is currently the FDA’s head of ‘food safety.’ Talk about the fox in the henhouse!

Nearly all the corn, soy and cotton grown in the U.S.  as well as a few other countries such as Argentina, is GMO. In addition, much of our sugar beet, squash and Hawaiian papaya crops are GMO, with countless other patented ‘machine’ food  crops in the making.

So, unless you buy or grow organic,  or know your local farmer is not in servitude to Monsanto, think of your next ear of corn as eating a machine. And if you are addicted to the Standard American Diet of fast and processed foods loaded with corn and soy derivatives, imagine you are eating bits of machinery. Yum yum!

It’s up to us to demand real food and not the engineered, patented food foisted upon us. Patented seed is in itself a crime that has devastated millions of cash poor small farmers around the world and the mere concept would horrify our forefathers whose early USDA distributed free seeds to encourage food and health independence.



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