Monsanto/Cohorts spend record millions to defeat GMO labeling initiatives in 2014

MonsantoLogoAdvertising pays. And Monsanto and fellow travelers have rolled out the dough to defeat 2014 voters initiatives to regulate GMOs in Hawaii, Oregon and Colorado.

Monsanto alone has put $5 million into the campaign against the citizen-led Maui County ballot initiative to ban GMOs on the island until a comprehensive environmental and public health survey concludes that GMOs are safe and harmless. Monsanto and Dow Agrosciences presently have huge GMO plantations on the island. That’s where the U.S. gets its GMO  papayas.

Nothing new there. In 2012, the world’s 6 biggest chemical-makers spent over $20 million to defeat Prop 37 in California. In 2013 the same players spent over $22 million to defeat the Washington labeling initiative.

In Oregon’s 2014 ballot initiative (92), the effort to defeat labeling has become the most expensive in history. Industry giants pouring in the money to assist Monsanto include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Kraft. In June the poll support for labeling was 77 percent. After a slug of advertising hit the airwaves, and with election looming a few days away, support dwindled to 49 percent in the latest poll.

The same story is repeated in Colorado (105). Between 2012 and 2014, Monsanto and other industry giants have so far spent over $100 million to defeat labeling initiatives.

Pocket change for them. But big money for Davids going up against Goliaths.

Too bad the voters are so easily swayed by scare advertising that should make them suspicious. Like…if those foreign genes inserted into natural seeds and food are so safe…why is the proof missing? And why is it so important that people DON’T know what is contained in their daily food? At the very least, people should be able to KNOW what’s in their food and choose it!

Maybe it’s because ever more people are learning that GMO animal feed is causing health, hormonal and nutritional problems in our GMO corn and soy-fed food animals (that of course are transferred to humans who eat them).

No human tests have proved that unnatural engineered foods are healthy and safe for people. Nor are they required by the government.  However…we do seem to have a lot of health problems these days. And that’s not even mentioning the constantly increasing pesticides loosed on the bees and us.


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