The monstrous microwave oven

MicrowavePoison“Humans are the only animals on the planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before they eat it.”
–Marcos Torres (

“If you feed any animal nothing but microwaved food for two years, it will be dead.”

“When a farmer feeds a colt pasteurized milk, and it gets nothing else, its longevity is about six months.”

“”Heating foods over 118-130 F causes the destruction of enzymes necessary for digestion. You can imagine what the microwave does to veal parmesan!”
–The late Charles Walters (AcresUSA)

Every once in awhile we believe it is important to inform or remind readers that, in our opinion, the microwave oven was one of the most horrific inventions ever to be inflicted on a clueless, convenience-loving public.

Stated bluntly, the microwave creates a carcinogenic toxin. The process causes an alteration of elemental food substances that create disorders in the digestive system. In turn, a cascade of causes creates a dysfunction in the immune system that enables the growth of cancer.

When veggies are exposed to the radar range for a short time, cancer-causing free radicals are created out of plain substances. Meat invites near total destruction when subjected to the microwave. That is why people who live mostly on microwaved food, without buffering it with real food, are soon likely to develop stomach and intestinal cancer as well as degeneration of peripheral tissues. This plus a breakdown of the digestive and excretory system.

Scientific research reveals a significant decrease in the nutrient value of all (microwaved) foods—vitamins B, C and E, minerals and liptropics.

Says Bob Becker in his book, The Body Electric: “Suffice it to say that the vital energy content is blown, stomped to death, turned into junk before it is even consumed.”

Also recorded has been an inventory of findings linking microwaving to interruption in the production of hormones, upsetting hormonal balance in both males and females, causing loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, flare-ups of emotional thresholds, and disintegration of intellect.

Microwave cooking was developed by the Germans during Operation Barbarossa in World War II. After the war, it fell into the hands of the U.S. and Russia. Russians were far more diligent in their research on the biological effects of microwave ovens and outlawed them in 1976 (although the ban was lifted after Perestroika), and issued an international warning.

Many other countries accepted the proffered scientific advice and banned not only the microwave, but also fluoride and many other toxic materials that the U.S.  routinely accepts.

We hope that you will take this warning seriously and do your own research.

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