Natural antibiotics in your kitchen

NaturalAntibioticsInYourKitchenEven the mainstream news has carried many stories about the health problems the longterm overuse of modern antibiotics has landed us in. In recent years the conventional medical establishment has learned how important probiotics, or ‘good’ bacteria are for effective digestion. As most of us know by now, chemical antibiotics kill the good bacteria, along with the invasive toxic bacteria that can take hold in a compromised immune system.

That’s why we should all take advantage of the natural antibiotics that should be a staple in every good kitchen. It is far past time for us to combine the proven natural remedies practiced by the ancients, with the beneficial knowledge acquired in modern scientific advances.  (With emphasis on beneficial.)

GARLIC, for example has been used for thousands of years in nearly all ancient cultures for medicinal purposes. Hipp0crates, the Father of Medicine, treated numerous ailments with garlic hundreds of years BC. Roman soldiers carried garlic as part of their everyday equipment. Garlic is loaded with antioxidants that kill ‘bad’ bacteria, thus allowing good bacteria to flourish. Garlic serves many functions in the body, including helping the blood vessels and capillaries stay clear of toxic buildup and allowing blood to flow to all the cells of the body. Garlic is a fine flavor enhancer in many dishes, and is a fundamental ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

GINGER has been used historically to treat respiratory and stomach problems. While it has been an ancient food and intuitive medicine in several cultures, in modern science it has been shown to be a powerful treatment for a number of pathogens, including those found in the mouth.

HONEY is another ancient food and medicine used for thousands of years. It has been said that if a person was deprived of every other food, honey alone contains so many essential nutrients that it would keep an individual nourished and healthy for an indeterminate period of time. Just ask a bear! Honey is an all around treatment for many ailments and wounds. It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial enzymes that forbid the growing of toxic bacteria. Chinese Traditional Medicine believes that honey also ‘harmonizes’ the liver.

LEMONS  are antibacterial bigtime! They contain tetrazine and coumarine, which have proven effective against several pathogens. Lemons, onions and garlic have long been used both internally and externally for antibacterial purposes. As summer heat approaches, a great way to use lemons is to squeeze lemon juice in the water you drink during the day. Lemons can also be frozen and grated, rinds and all, into salads and other dishes.

Those are just a few of the food medicines that could and should be staples in your kitchen–and in your body. Use them and appreciate them. They were here doing their work long before any of us were!

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