Book ‘Never Fear Cancer Again’ touts vitamin D

In Chapeter 10 of the book Never Fear Cancer Again, author Raymond Francis says this about Vitamin D:

“Imagine if there were a magic potion that was: nontoxic, inexpensive, had no side effects, and worked to prevent aging, colds, depression , diabetes, flu, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and osteoporosis, and was proven to prevent four out of five cases of cancer. Most of us would take such a potion daily if it existed. Vitamin D is that amazing magical potion.

“Unfortunately, some researchers bleieve that up to 90 percent of all Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, which helps explain our epidemic of chronic dieseas and cancer.”

The author goes on to cite a number of studies to back up his claims. You can read the details if you purchase a copy of Never Fear Cancer Again at Amazon by following this link.


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