New childhood ‘diseases’ create Pharma bonanza

“We are turning childhood into a disease,” concluded world famous psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances, in a public statement that must have astounded his peers.

Dr. Frances was quoted in an article by John Naish at Dr. Frances explained that his profession’s ‘bible’,  the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is the creation of a committee of U.S. psychiatrists and is used extensively worldwide. The widely circulated DSM is now in its 5th version. The original version was published in 1952 and was 130 pages long.

The latest version is 992 pages!

Dr. Frances told Naish that many of the  added  pages not only impart  new knowledge about old diseases, but  newly discovered/identified/invented (take your pick)  mental illnesses  that are nothing more than behavioral issues.  Dr. Frances himself chaired the committee that put together the 1994 version of the DSM, and now admits he helped open the floodgates of over-diagnosis and massive over-medicating of antipsychotic drugs such as Risperdal and Ritalin.

A skyrocketing number of children are routinely diagnosed with ‘mental illness’ and prescribed drugs, Dr. Frances said.  Even temper tantrums are now a mental illness. ADHD is an example of what has occurred over the past two decades. According to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 6.8 to 11 percent of Australian children have been diagnosed with the attention deficit problem, and the number of diagnosed American children on drugs is about the same, triple the number of 20 years ago.

During that same period, the percentage of autism and childhood bipolar disorder has increased 40-fold!

The medical community is too ready to label children as mentally ill, then prescribe drugs, lamented Dr. Frances. But it has been a pharmaceutical bonanza, he added. The worldwide market for ADHD drugs alone has ballooned from $18 million to $18 BILLION.

France shuns the psychiatric profession’s ‘bible,’ and fewer than one half of one percent of that country’s children are diagnosed with ADHD.

Dr. Frances seems to think that children are not actually sicker, they are just over- diagnosed and over- medicated. We heartily disagree. Children ARE sicker, undoubtedly partially as a result of the medication. The powerful drugs such as Risperdal change the way chemicals in the brain work, as well as other effects on the body that aren’t understood. As one mother told Naish, her daughter  on the drug experienced a massive weight gain, dead-looking eyes, lank hair and was always extremely tired until she ceased taking the potent prescription.

And then there are all the other factors affecting childhood health, such as GMOs and toxic additives in modern food, nutrient-deficient junk and processed food and limited consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Frances deserves to be commended for breaking ranks and targeting the deadly problem of over-diagnosis and over-medicating by his own profession.

But many other aspects of modern food and medicine need to be honestly examined and brought into the light of day if we are to have solutions to the disgraceful and degenerating health of Americans, and that of many other countries.

As Aldous Huxley accurately stated, “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”