New study links poor diet to growing incidence of allergic asthma

FruitVegetablesLinkedAsthmaIf life was fair every new study that vilifies what nutritionists have taught for the past 50 years would say so. But life isn’t fair, and so the latest widely-distributed study on asthma makes no mention of this fact.

Those who have done even modest research on nutrition know that diet can dramatically affect asthma; however, we will happily accept the new “real research” because we know this is what allows the “true” medical professionals join the ranks of those who believe in nutrition for healing.

The latest above-mentioned research is actually based on animal studies, and was carried-out by researchers in Switzerland and was reported in the journal Nature Medicine. A team at the University of Lausanne showed that the high and low fiber diets they gave to mice altered the types of bacteria that lived in the gut of the mice.

Bacteria feed on soluble fibre, which is found in fruit and vegetables, and this good bacteria flourished when the mice were fed a high-fiber diet. This in turn produced more short-chain fatty acids—a beneficial type of fat, which is subsequently absorbed into the blood.

The scientists assert that these fatty acids give positive signals to the immune system, which results in the lungs being more resistant to irritation. The opposite result happened in low-fiber diets, and the mice became more vulnerable to asthma.

So there you have it. You’ve probably seen this diet-asthma link explained in “nutrition” publications over the years, but now you can be assured it’s bonafide since it’s been published in a “legitimate” medical research journal.

Read more about this study at Nature Medicine here.

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