New Year resolution–trash the Standard American Diet

NewYearsResolutionAccording to Psychology Today, most Americans will not keep the New Year resolutions they make.

That’s because we make too many, too ambitious and non-specific resolutions.

For example, ‘in 2015 I’m going to lose weight.’

Instead, it is better to set a goal of 10 pounds to lose within 90 days.

There are simple ways you can make a resolution that sticks. Focus on one or two resolutions and make it/them yearlong, every day. Learn about the nutrients your body needs for good health and that you don’t get in the Standard American Diet.

Don’t get over-ambitious. If you eat junky fast, packaged or processed food most of the time, reduce your intake a little at a time.

Take small steps. Many people quit because their goals are too big and require too much discipline, effort and action all at once.

Share what you learn and how you progress and feel with others (one step at a time). Have an accountability person that you report to regularly.

Celebrate your small successes between milestones. Don’t wait until your goal is achieved.

Focus on new behaviors and thought patterns. You have to create new neural pathways to the brain in order to change everyday habits. Think about your grocery shopping and consciously avoid as much as possible the packaged and processed aisles of food filled with chemical additives and sugar.

Experiment with different kinds of vegetables and other whole foods, and discuss your experiences with friends and family.

Don’t get discouraged if they ridicule you. Hang in there.

Focus on the present and feel good that you are substituting beans, broccoli and pineapple this one time for the Big Mac and French fries you had last year.

Be mindful—physically, emotionally and mentally—and aware of your inner thoughts as you take each small step of substituting a healthful whole food for a nutrient-deficient food you might have bought or prepared for your family B. R. (Before Resolution).

Remember, sticking to your realistic resolution is a day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment process. Don’t dream about a future of the goal accomplished and the extra ten pounds gone.

Celebrate your progress of losing two pounds, or trying a new vegetable, or doing a daily exercise for ten minutes—or even persuading your child to eat something healthful instead of chicken McNuggets (which contain a variety of chemicals and very little chicken).

Meanwhile, happy New Year and GOOD LUCK with a realistic resolution or two!


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