No quick fix: weight loss the natural way

There is no quick fix for weight loss the natural way.

It involves work and discipline. It involves doing your homework to find out what is causing the weight problems that affect many more modern populations, including children, than occurred a couple of decades ago.

“Overweight and Undernourished” is a term much used by natural health advocates and thinkers—who have learned to connect the dots.

Do you want a ‘quick fix’… or do you prefer weight loss the natural way, the  nutritious, healthful way?

Get started now. Continue below for a few beginning tips…


* Drink water the first thing in the morning—especially with half a lemon’s juice in it. Drink water every time you feel hungry. Most Americans and others are dehydrated (which contributes to weight gain).

* Do a few stretching and other exercises first thing (even just a couple of minutes) and move around throughout the day no matter how sedentary your duties and jobs are.

Sitting for long periods is a weight gainer and killer. Live bodies were made to move.

* Review your medications (if you take any, many cause weight gain and kill important nutrients).

*Avoid gimmicks and ‘magical’ chemical weight loss and over-the-counter and TV commercial weight loss programs. Weight loss the lasting,  natural way will not work with quick fixes.

*We all need the nutrients of old that were once present in our soil and food.  Check this and other websites for important nutrients and foods and how to get them today.

*Weight loss the natural way comes only with a changed or at least altered lifestyle. Avoid or at least limit fast foods, processed foods and sugary drinks. No pain, no gain.

*Eat in, not out, but if you do eat out, save a third of your meal to take home for another meal. Have salads every day, preferably organic. Eat more vegetables, bulk up on fibers.

*Keep moving, drink water when you feel a food craving. Limit alcohol, it causes weight gain. Do what you can to avoid hours and hours in front of screens—especially before bedtime.

*Finally, as Dr. Sanas Majd, MD says, don’t get caught in the trap of so many of her patients’ first questions: “Isn’t there a medication I can take?” Or, “I think I need surgery.”

The ‘quick fix’  through corporate commercials have caused us to become accustomed to being ‘guided’. Think for yourself.

As the year of 2016 begins, we hope all our readers will remember that food is not the same today as it once was and that we are ‘overweight and undernourished ‘because of it.

That  is why you should seek (or grow) the best food you can for yourself and your family.

We wish you the determination and commitment to seek weight loss and weight management the natural way through appropriate foods and nutrients in the year of 2016.

Weight loss the natural way with appropriate nutrients will beat the ‘quick fixes’ in the long run—and benefit your health and well-being, as well.

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