Obesity stalks the land, attacks military

WeightLossA report released last week by a group of retired military leaders (Military.com), found that one in three young adults in the United States is too overweight to join the military.

This sad fact is causing recruitment concerns at the Pentagon.

Potential male recruits under the age of 27 must have a body-fat percentage below 26 percent, and females must have a body-fat percentage below 32 percent, in order to meet minimum standards.

Other problems for military recruitment include lack of adequate literacy among young people, drug use and criminal history.

All told, a Kansas-based group called Mission:Readiness (military leaders for kids,) reports that 71 percent of people age 17 to 24 in its own state do not qualify for military service.

USmilitary.com says the U.S. obesity epidemic is a national security issue that threatens the country’s safety.

And, according to Dailycaller.com, the “too Fat to Fight” problem continues to worsen.

Just since 2002, there has been a 61 percent increase in obesity among ACTIVE DUTY forces, causing the cost of health care and costs to replace unfit personnel to skyrocket.

Bloomberg News reported that one-half of U.S. military personnel are now overweight and 12 to 20 percent are obese. In addition, military leaders have a concern that their morale programs are not working, as growing numbers of soldiers do not feel good about what they are doing.

The Kansas group for kids is promoting ‘healthy school lunches’ in order to prepare ‘healthy’ future soldiers.

Retired Brigadier General John Schmader told CBS News that “We think a more healthy lifestyle over the long term will have significant impacts on both the military posture and across our society as a whole.”

But what’s a SOCIETY to do, overwhelmed as it is by over-medication, over-vaccination, overfed on GMOs and processed food (Standard American Diet), all supported and encouraged by government, corporations and TV advertising?

We are at a crossroads. As AcresUSA states: “The sentiment that the world will be saved through technology is at odds with the truth that it will be saved through natural systems.”

Technology is great in its place. But when it oversteps itself, skipping honest and open scientific testing in favor of quick profits, the results can be disasterous.

As we are seeing.

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