Only you can fortify your body against infectious disease

Not quite 50 years ago the Surgeon General of the United States boasted, “The war against infectious disease has been won.” Fast-forward to 2011 and we find that not only has it NOT been won, but it is one of the nation’s top killers.

Why, in this enlightened age of mandatory vaccines, fortified foods, pasteurized milk, and endless public service announcements that we should wash our hands every five minutes, do you suppose infectious disease is so prevelant? 

Could it be that the medical establishment’s over-prescribing of antibiotics is now nipping us in the butt by creating an environment where antibiotic-resistant super-germs now exist? Couple this with the American fettish for junk foods and love of medications—both of which kill off our body’s supply of beneficial bacteria (flora)—and we have a deadly situation where super-germs exist and the average immune system is incapable of stopping them.

To learn more about the growth of infectious disease—and what you can do to prevent it—check out the special report at Optimal Health Systems here.

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