‘Physics’ of ancient times

EarlyChristiansHerbsMany people do not realize that the medicines, or physics of ancient times are known today to be filled with valuable nutrients for the body, as well as natural flavorings that add a taste treat to countless dishes.

Physics of ancient times are also a hallmark of quality whole food supplements, which respect that proven ancient nutritional and medicinal wisdom and apply modern methods to create cultured blends of natural substances.

Here are just a few physics of ancient times, whose health benefits are recognized today:

Cinnamon is native to Ceylon, India and Malaya, and one of the oldest trade items from the Far East. It has been used since antiquity as a breath sweetener, a tonic for the entire system: heart, liver, kidneys, gall and nerves.

Long before Big Pharma, it was used to treat heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, and a sedative for expectant mothers during childbirth.

The seeds of the Coriander plant, native to southern Europe, have been used since Biblical times by Egyptians and Hebrews as a purging agent for flatulence, constipation and delayed menstruation, as well as a preventive against fevers, apoplexy and palsy.

Meat was preserved in coriander vinegar, and coriander seeds were prized as an aphrodisiac in some cultures!

Ginger is native to the Pacific Islands and was one of the most important trade items of the Far East in antiquity. Ginger root was used as a breath sweetener, an aid to digestion, a cure for toothache and bleeding gums and as a strengthening agent for loose teeth and weak eyes.

In addition, a tonic of ginger root and caraway seeds in wine served as an excellent relief for indigestion and other stomach problems.

Who knows that the carrot, of Eurasian origins, is a member of the celery family, and is also one of the physics of ancient times?

It was widely believed that raw carrots improved the eyesight. Amazing what they figured out in ancient times and how long it took modern times to recognize the carrot’s benefits.

I never thought of the common carrot being an aphrodisiac, but it was once believed to possess the power of exiting the passions.

We will review just one more of the physics of ancient times, though there are many—the herb rosemary. This native of the Mediterranean was much treasured as a flavoring for fish and sauces, but also as a heart medicine and a nerve tonic.

The physics of ancient times were utilized for more reasons by people long ago than they are today. But then they didn’t have chemical substitutes created in labs.

If you believe in the physics of ancient times, make sure your supplements contain at least some of them.

Source: Folklore and Odysseys of Food and Medicinal Plants, by Ernst and Johanna Lehner