Is preparedness the ultimate form of optimism?

What is preparedness? It’s many things to many folks, but down at the most basic level, it’s a matter of having food, water, vitamins and cash on hand for say, a two-week power outage, a flood or extreme weather condition of any sort. We’re having plenty of them these days, and we are an extremely dependent society.

We’re dependent on the power. We’re dependent on the water. We’re dependent on the gas heat, the many services that most of us rely on for ‘them’ to take care of.


We depend on our credit and debit cards, and the machines. I’ve seen it at my favorite gas station where the machines were out of order and  no one could get gas except for a couple of us who had cash. I’ve seen it at the grocery store and Circle K where people had nothing but their card.

I’ve loaned $10 or $15 to people who couldn’t pay me back until they went to ‘the bank.’  What if the bank machines couldn’t operate? What if the computers go down for awhile  (which they often do) ? Do you have cash on hand to buy your gas or a few groceries? A loaf of bread or a gallon of milk for your kids? Or what if you couldn’t even get to the grocery store, or the shelves were stripped by other panic buyers?

I’ve been  close to a town that was completely out of gas, water, power and telphone service for  several days because of a storm. My husband and I, along with others like us who lived outside of town, hauled water from our wells to the refuge centers.

So, prep–at least a little bit. Have some food on hand, and some bottled water, and vitamin C and other essential supplements to keep your family healthy. And some way to heat a bit if you live in a cold area. And have a little cash on hand–even if it’s only a change jar or a piggy bank.

Considering the weather events and power outages we’ve  already had, there are probably 1,000s of people who wish they had ‘prepped’–just a little.

A few bottles of water, some stashed cash and some food and vitamins in the pantry are really the  ultimate form of optimism…because you know that you can ride out the  immediate storm, whatever it is.

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