Protests in 38 countries, 428 cities, against destructive seed and food system

MarchAgainstMonsantoAcross the globe, millions of people turned out for the 3rd annual ‘March Against Monsanto’ parades—though the occasion was mostly ignored by the mainstream media.

Some would think that is amazing, considering it was the largest protest in history against a corporation, and particularly GMO foods and the devastating glyphosate-predominate Roundup entrenched in them.

But in actuality it is not amazing. Robert J. Kennedy Jr. has used his name and fame to draw large crowds at speaking engagements describing the lies, corruption and monetary relationships between corporations and governments to grow, sell and control GMO seeds, foods, medicines and pesticides.

Kennedy Jr. said the CEO of a major news network in the U.S. had told him that in non-election years, news networks depended on Big Pharma commercials for 70 PERCENT of their financial support. He added that anyone who hosted a guest that lost him one Pharma ad would be immediately fired.

The biotech industry, led by Monsanto, is now so powerful that the giants of once-upon-a-time real life are falling one by one into their power.

Mike Adams of Natural News, says that even the once-respected National Geographic now functions basically as a propaganda arm for the biotech industry, with multi-page ads for Big Pharma and Big Biotech, and editors who depict independent scientists and individuals concerned about untested GMOs, pesticides, and the deteriorating health of crops, animals and people, particularly in the Western countries, as conspiracy lunatics.

But SOMETHING has changed in the last 20 years, as genetically modified foods, medicines and pesticides spread across the world, seriously beginning in 1996.

AUTISM–From Scotland comes the very precise record-keeping showing that in 1998, with 758,414 students in the school system, 820 suffered from AUTISM.

Ten years later, in 2008, Scotland had 681, 573 students, but 4,900 were autistic! By 2013, out of 673,530 students, 9,946 were autistic.

The World Health Organization warns that at the rate autism is spreading, half of all children born ten years from now will be autistic!

In America, headlines are now saying things like ‘Alzheimer’s Time Bomb,’ a lead in The Week,’ as all the Boomers begin to retire. Something has changed in the brains of senior citizens, too, with 5.3 million suffering from Alzheimer’s (as opposed to old-age senility).

On the good side of science, they have found (post-humously) that the disease manifests in the brain by the buildup of (foreign?) proteins that form plaque in and around the neurons, interfering with neurons responsible for communication between brain cells.

Could it be that we now eat foods not compatible with the human body?

So…..what has caused such an uptake in the last 10 or 15 years? Maybe because the whole food man sustained himself with for thousands of years has changed… drastically.

Stephen Lendman, who has followed changes for half a century, says there are 5 life and health-threatening lies that Monsanto, the media and sadly, even governments tell us:

(1) that GMOs are needed to feed the world; (2) that they are thoroughly tested and proved safe; (3) that they increase crop yields; (4) that they reduce toxic chemicals; (5) that they can be contained and co-exist with non-GMO crops).

All of that has been proven wrong many times. But big money advertising lies pay.

In the early 1990s FDA scientists warned against the introduction of genetically modified seeds and food that had been insufficiently studied. They were ignored, or fired.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine says GMOs have never been properly tested to this day, and from results on animals and crops, unnatural GMOs likely result in serious health risks to humans.

SOMETHING  is causing the devastating mess-up of bodies and brains in obesity and countless lifestyle ills that require ever more Pharma drugs to soothe them (They never heal, only maintain and sometimes cripple and kill).

Many of the more alert and potential game-changers who don’t want the world’s seeds and food to be controlled by corporations participated in the ‘March Against Monsanto.’

You decide.

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