Researchers say olive oil could help reverse heart failure

olive Oil 3Researchers at the University of Illinois have found that olive oil could reverse a patient’s heart failure ‘immediately.”

Oleate, the monounsaturated fat abundantly present in this miracle oil helps the diseased heart pump blood more effectively, researchers said, and use body fat as fuel.

The common reason for heart failure is the muscle becomes damaged from an unhealthy diet, alcohol or drug abuse, high blood pressure, etc. Shortness of breath both moving and resting, fatigue and swelling of feet, ankles, stomach and lower back are all symptoms of a damaged heart.

Previous studies have shown that a healthy heart absorbs fat to keep pumping, but if damaged, the muscle can no longer process or store fat, starving it of energy–and leaving toxic fats to clog up arteries.

Oleate helps the body produce enzymes which break down the fat so the heart is once again able to absorb it. The olive oil/heart connection is not new. In fact, physicians in Spain have long given heart surgery patients four to five tablespoons of olive oil a day as part of their recovery process.

Olives and olive oil are referred to numerous times in the Bible.  Olive oil is a high energy food and one of the most digestible of all fats. The ancients of biblical times found ways to incorporate it into most meals, both for cooking and for table use. One botanist who has made a long study of the healing plants of biblical times said, “No tree is more closely associated with the history of man and the development of civilization than the olive.”

Hippocrates and Pliny, noted physicians of ancient Greece, prescribed olive oil and olive leaves for many afflictions, both internal and external.

Today science has confirmed that olive oil is a true superfood, containing not only one of the world’s most life-giving fats that strengthens cell membranes and blocks the tendency of blood to clot, but also is rich in antioxidants that fortify body cells and help them ward off many diseases, including cancer. It stimulates bile secretion and provokes contraction of the gallbladder, reducing the risk of gallstones.

Since olive oil contains abundant vitamin E and oleic acid, it aids normal bone growth, and is excellent for pregnant and nursing mothers because it encourages development of the infant’s nervous system before and after birth.

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