Seven health-supporting uses for your leftover coffee grounds

CoffeeGroundsWhile the debate rages on whether coffee is good for you (thanks to its high antioxidant properties) or bad for you (due to its caffeine and acid components) here’s a tip for you: after brewing, the coffee grounds have a number of utilitarian purposes that can benefit your overall health.

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1. Use to clean your grill, pots and pans in place of toxic cleaners.

2. Add to compost pile to improve soil.

3. Apply directly to plants for fertilizer benefits.

4. Use to rid your hands of garlic and onion smells.

5. Keep a bowl in your fridge to eliminate odors.

6. Hide scratches on your wood furniture naturally.

7. Use as a rub/tenderizer for meat.

Source: Ground Control – What to do with leftover coffee grounds