Sugar as bad as smoking?

SugarPouringIs sugar as bad for us as smoking? That’s what some very recent studies have shown.

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco studied the DNA of more than 5,300 healthy Americans and found that those who drank more sodas had shorter telomeres—reflecting an additional 4.6 years of aging, which is roughly the same effect as smoking.

Telomeres are the repetitions of DNA molecules at the end of chromosomes that by replication in a well nourished body keep the aging chromosomes from becoming inefficient or harmful to the body.

Excessive sugar inhibits the body cells and keeps the telomeres from replicating—thus, shorter telemeres.

Many of today’s children are under attack by the ‘sugar monster,’ as of about 600,000 food items available in grocery stores, 80 percent contain ADDED sugar.

Added (and unlabeled) sugar is in everything from Campbell’s tomato soup to bottled salad dressings, barbecue sauces, TV dinners and nearly all processed food. One of the most insidious of all to American children is the copious amounts of added sugar in breakfast cereals.

Even the normal adult consuming the Standard American diet consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar daily. More than six teaspoons a day begins to attack the functioning of the body.

Soft drinks and childrens’ breakfast cereals have been directly linked to ADHD symptoms in many of today’s young people.

For all ages, sugary sodas have long been proved many times over to lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks.

But now the most recent research has also linked sugar to premature aging.

Some health experts, including cardiologists, believe that refined flour is even worse than sugar, as it is rapidly converted to sugar in the body. The best advice is to avoid all commercially prepared, preserved and refined foods.

Say NO to white sugar, white flour and common table salt. Your body needs salt, but use unrefined sea salt instead.

You may be shocked to know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. And the more consumed the higher becomes your tolerance.

Scary thought, isn’t it—especially when you ponder the future of current and future generations addicted to the Standard American Diet.

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