The Sunshine Vitamin is missing in modern lives and health

As a really bad winter sets in over much of the world, it’s time for a reminder of how important vitamin D, the “Sunshine Vitamin,’ is to our overall health.


Vitamin D deficiency contributes to risk of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, autism and many other diseases and afflictions.

According to recent research, about 85 percent of Americans and at least  a billion people worldwide are vitamin D-deficient.

This is quite astounding when one considers the aforementioned list of risks that increase with vitamin D deficiency. Studies during the past 10 years have demonstrated these risks repeatedly.

Britain is apparently taking this knowledge seriously by testing for vitamin D levels, especially where children are concerned. Alarming news from British pediatricians said that the number of children admitted to hospitals with complications caused by vitamin D deficiency has tripled in the last four years—from 1,398 in 2009-10 to 4,638 in 2013-14.

Rickets, once wiped out, has returned with a vengeance and risen 5-fold in the last 15 years. Rickets causes brittle bone, bow legs and other bone deformities. Children and their tender, developing bones are particularly vulnerable to vitamin D-deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can even be fatal, causing a type opf heart failure.

“These findings are very worrying, as they seem to suggest that parents in the UK are still not properly informed of the major health issues associated with low levels of vitamin D,” said Dr. Benjamin Jacobs, consultant pediatrician to the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital.

The most vulnerable stages are during periods of rapid growth, pregnancy (a mother’s deficiency can pass to the fetus) and breast feeding. Other vulnerabilities include the elderly in care homes, all ages who are housebound, and blacks and others with dark skin who require more sunlight to absorb vitamin D benefits.

Fifteen or 20 minutes of direct sunlight daily is enough for many of us, but in the modern world of adverse weather conditions, indoor jobs and recreation, commercial sunscreens which prevent vitamin D absorption, and indoor lifestyle children on their computers, it seems that we are suffering from new factors that have buried old realities.

Those “old realities” are that all life developed down through history with outdoors and the sun. And we need that old unhampered sun.  It is not our enemy. The sun is our best friend—if we use it wisely.

It seems to be hiding from us—maybe because of all the years of medicine advising to stay away from it, with sunbonnets and sunscreen.

Those who do not live in a winter sunny area need supplementation of vitamin D. More and more scientists and physicians advise it.  Do your own research and find a natural source. The best source will not usually be at Wal-Mart or the supermarket. But, you already know that if you are reading this.

The few food sources  of vitamin D are  (oily fish, egg yolks and red meat)… all of which, with the exception of fish, have been demonized during the last decades.

Just remember that now we know that the sun is our best source of essential vitamin D. Seek it. Appreciate it. A few wrinkles are better than brittle bones and hump backs. And forget the  popular, chemical-laden sunscreen.


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