The Barbarians are Inside the Gate

The dreadful assassination of twenty little children and seven of their educators is just one more horrendous piece of evidence that the barbarians are indeed firmly established within our gates.

And as usual, television commentators will ooh and ahh ceaselessly about the killer “monster,” who was “odd,” “mentally disturbed,”or had a “personality disorder.” They lament the fact that he was maybe undiagnosed and “why hadn’t SOMEONE done something about him?” And the favorite: “We need more gun control.”

But the barbarians I’m talking about are rarely mentioned.They are the barbarians that kill tens of thousands of people each year–more than all illegal drugs combined, more than all traffic accidents. The barbarians I’m referring to are the purveyors of pharmaceutical drugs, particularly psychotropics of which one of five Americans is legally ingesting, and the agencies that cover up for them even though the drugs’ deadly potential is well known.

Virtually every mass killer of the last twenty years, as well as numerous homicides that were not considered “mass” were perpetrated by individuals on powerful ‘psy-drugs’ for depression, anxiety, pain,fun, etc…..drugs which quite simply are potential killers that mimic serious mental disorders in vulnerable people.

There is no doubt that cultural, mental and domestic issues are possible factors that can contribute to appalling and insane violence, but as the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) states, it is a criminal injustice that the track record and probable role of dangerous psychotropic Pharma drugs that alter mental states is not laid on the table for open and honest public discussion.

The fact that it so far is not, is proof that the barbarians are within our gates, rampaging and pillaging with little impediment, merely another version of the barbarians of old.

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