The forgotten health benefits of AUTHENTIC Chinese food

ChinesefoodHaving been fortunate enough to travel to China a number of times, I can accurately report  that the food there has little resemblance to the American-style “Chinese restaurant” food.  If it did, China would no doubt be suffering the same obesity epidemic that America suffers.

For starters, you won’t find large slabs of meat filling the average plate. Instead, the meat is more often “scattered” among the vegetables, rice, noodles and soup—providing a more balanced approach.

You will also typically find not one, not two, but perhaps six or eight different kinds of mushrooms on the menu. If you doubt the significance of this seemingly minor difference, do some research on the broad spectrum of benefits offered by mushrooms!

Likewise when it comes to herbs. Herbs are such a potent factor in good health that studies show that some herbs can actually reverse the carcinogenic attributes of some unhealthy foods. And Chinese cooks use herbs… how should I put it?… aggressively!

Writing for Time, food author Joanne Chen states: “It’s time to make good on that flailing New Year’s resolution to eat healthy—and Chinese food, cooked and eaten authentically, can effortlessly get you back on track.”

Read her full article here.

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