The magic of honey

Honey is possibly the  most revered and most ‘magic’ of all foods.

Why magic?

Honey’s shelf life appears to be eternal as long as it is sealed. Honey in sealed clay jars thousands of years old  has been found in ancient tombs and ruins in Egypt and other lands. Though there is no expiration date on those honey jars, the honey is as sweet and as nutritious as if it had just  been taken from the hive.

The magic of honey comes from the incomparable bee, whose chemical enzymatic makeup is the secret of its honey’s longevity. You can read more details in, 8/22/13.

Honey is known to have been used as a primary food and medicine for at least 8,000 years. It is referred to numerous times in the Bible, and also in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Islamic, Chinese and Indian food and medicinal traditions. Pliny the Elder wrote extensively about honey. Hippocrates advocated and used it for innumerable medical and healing applications. Chinese and Indian medicine have used honey as medicine for so long the beginnings cannot be traced.

And finally, even in the modern world , Derma Sciences markets ‘Medihoney bandages’ that are used in hospitals around the world.

Honey is full of minerals, nutrients, antibiotics, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, flavonoids and countless micro nutrients…no matter how old it is. We’re talking about pure, raw honey, not the supermarket variety that has been heated, strained and processed.

Nature’s honey and nature’s bees that provided it have been seemingly eternal and invulnerable since time immemorial.

Until today.

It has taken many thousands of years, but finally man, with the many poisons he has devised, has managed to knock off the world’s bees at the alarming rate of tens of thousands of hives annually.

And so far, little has been done  by government health authorities to stop the massive poisoning of the only creature on earth that is able to produce a highly nutritious food with a shelf life of thousands of years.

So stock up on your (raw) honey.  You may need it.