The negative effects of TV on brain functioning

BrainOnTvMost of us have experienced the ‘relaxing’ effects of television.

It is a time to forget about the daily trials and challenges and transport ourselves away from the boring or demanding realities of our personal lives into a more exciting or interesting fantasy life.

There’s a good reason why TV is an ‘addiction’  and/or babysitter for so many people. It literally puts your working brain to sleep.

Clear back in 1969, Herbert Krugman conducted a series of experiments regarding the effects of TV on a person’s brainwaves.

He found that in less than one minute of TV viewing, a person’s brainwaves switched from ‘Beta’ waves—brainwaves associated with with active, logical thought—to primarily ‘Alpha’ waves, a state of relaxation, pretending and daydreaming.

When a subject stopped watching TV and started reading, the brainwaves reverted to the ‘Beta’ waves.

During the 1970s, scientists were concerned that the TV craze had the potential of negatively affecting the intelligence and critical reasoning skills of modern populations—the ability to determine truth from deception and connect the dots of real life.

It appears they were right, but their concerns disappeared from the public arena.

As time passed, advertisers soon learned to their great profit that while in the Alpha state, most viewers were in the ‘passive’ mode with the right side of the brain at the wheel, leaving critical thinking behind.

Many people slumped in front of their TVs  were content in their passive state and extremely suggestible and easily influenced.

Today Big Pharma and other corporate powers rule the American air waves with the commercials that keep TV broadcasting alive. Watchers are conditioned to believe that this drug or that drug will ease or solve this or that health problem.

And the same tactics work for virtually every aspect of our screen, money and brainwashing-controlled lives.

Children are the most vulnerable and easily influenced of all. How much is your child’s brain in the ‘Beta’ mode?

And those same advertisers control the content of the ‘news’ because the ‘news’ is dependent upon them for survival.

With the exception of a growing segment of worried critical thinkers, the United States has become the most PASSIVE controlled of any country on earth, unaware and uncaring of the forces that shape the world and history (as long as we get ours).

“Because false doctrine is so abundant, the truth will be the strangest thing you will ever hear.” –Paul Smith.

This article was derived from the book, Plug-in Drug: TV, Computer, Family Life, by Marie Winn. There are many others on the same subject for those who care to research.

Source:, Heather Callaghan.



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