The states of Arizona and Hawaii have a hidden health bonus that you likely have never heard about

ThatMiraculousSunArizona and Hawaii are two states that refuse to “spring forward” and “fall back” during the annual practice of switching to Daylight Savings Time… and that has a hidden health bonus for the residents of those states.

Though the switch to Daylight Savings Time is widely accepted today, according to a article about the myths of Daylight Savings Time it wreaks havoc on the body’s internal mechanisms.

“People already dealing with sleep problems, night-shift workers, and those living with Seasonal Affected Disorder, or SAD, are most likely to have a harder time bouncing back from the time change. Generally, pushing the clocks ahead an hour creates the same effect as crossing time zones.”

And though the body doesn’t like the switch, the oil companies love it. Why? Because so much extra gas is sold during Daylight Saving Time, the lobby representing convenience stores—places that sell tons of gas—are among the biggest backers of keeping the time change intact.

Rodale says the golf course industry also loves Daylight Saving Time because it’s the one sport for which it still isn’t economical to use artificial lighting to extend hours. “The golf industry makes about $200 to $400 million in extra greens fees during Daylight Saving Time,” the article notes.

Read the full Rodale article here.

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