The sugar fraud: How the industry ambushed the negative research

sugarfraudThe sugar fraud is the latest scientific deception the mainstream has decided to publicize.

According to a study published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, the sugar industry for decades has paid off researchers to downplay the health effects of sweets.

Instead, the study reveals the goal was to pin the blame for increased heart disease on saturated fat and cholesterol.

Combing over documents that date back half a century, a University of California, San Francisco researcher discovered that a trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation commissioned a 1967 Harvard Review to discredit emerging claims about the harmful effects of sugar.

Industry executives dictated what research would be included in the review and then controlled its findings.

Ultimately, the review criticized studies linking sugar and heart disease and emphasized the harmful effects of unhealthy fats.

In return, the Harvard researchers were paid the modern equivalent of about $50,000—a conflict of interest that was never disclosed publicly.

For the next 50 years, millions of Americans opted for low-fat, sugary foods now associated with runaway obesity and heart disease.

“They were able to derail the discussion about sugar for decades,” said study author Stanton Glantz. “By today’s standards, they behaved very badly.”


Today, covering up, ignoring and downright lying about the harmful health effects of GMOs, pesticides, processed and nutritionally deficient foods and many other modern toxins has become an art form. This art form has been perfected by Monsanto and other of like ilk, assisted by our own tax-financed Congress and ‘food safety’ bureaucracies.

The sugar fraud and tobacco fraud were merely pioneers, trustingly accepted by a confident and much slimmer public who cherished their cokes and cigarettes.

We never dreamed of an obesity epidemic, blamed on everything but the junk food diet known as the Standard American Diet.

So will it be another 50 years before that fraud is exposed by politicians, medical circles, mainstream media, corporation-financed researchers and all the others who benefit from modern day deception?

Following the sugar fraud of long ago came the cholesterol fear and the statin fraud. A few years ago, everyone I knew was taking statins and billions of dollars were  reaped by pharmaceuticals.

Turns out they were doing more harm than good.

Today, the mainstream is cautiously exposing the statin fraud.

So, Mr. Glantz, “by today’s standards,” the ‘tobacco fraud’ and the ‘sugar fraud’ were mere novices compared to the fraud today in food and pharmaceuticals that is changing human and animal DNA and resulting in lifestyle afflictions and dependency never dreamed of or experienced in human history.