“There is no room for apathy in health freedom”

Are you an advocate of health freedom? Have you ever thought about why you should be? Consider this excerpt from the National Health Federation (NHF) February newsletter:

 Health-freedom fighters are special people.  The ones I have come to know are individualists, educated, strong-minded, and strong-willed.  Their independence pushes them to fight for what is right and to never give up.  They know the system is corrupt and unfair which makes their challenge even more difficult but in turn actually inflames their senses to rally even harder to obtain health rights they know they deserve.  Those with children and grandchildren stand tall for the innocence of those they will leave behind but hope to have left a safer path for their future.

So, I ask that you join the Federation as a member and activist in making 2012, our banner year for pushing and winning for our health-freedom rights.

Read the full newsletter here. And consider becoming a member today!

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