Tip for eating less calories at a meal: Eat fruit first

BowlOfFruitA small research project by two doctors at Cornell University offers a helpful insight to eating less calories at a meal: Eat fruit first.

The researchers, Dr Brian Wansink and Dr Andrew Hanks, conducted their research by offering participants different options at a seven-item buffet table. One group of participants started with junk food, while the other group was given healthier options, such as fruit, to start.

The end result: The dieters who started with junk food consumed 31%  more food over the course of the meal. And, possibly of even greater value, this methodology also resulted in the fruit-firsters having a meal containing a much higher percentage of healthier foods.

The doctors stated that, at least when it comes to the buffet table, the first items we encounter end up making up two-thirds of the plate.

Full story available here.

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