Try natural treatments for chronic pain

NaturalTreatmentChronicPainAspirin, Tylenol and other over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful, but only if you resort to them occasionally. Steady use of these chemical medicines may do more harm than good and  cause side effects such as liver damage, intestinal failure and even sometimes death. There are alternative solutions that often treat underlying causes, relieve pain and stress and promote good health–with no dangerous side effects, according to Dr. David Juan, a physician for 30 years and now a practitioner at a holistic pain relief center in San Francisco.

Dr. Juan says vitamin D deficiency commonly exacerbates chronic pain, or even causes it. Studies reveal that people with a vitamin D deficiency require twice the amount of over-the-counter solutions as those not deficient in this vital nutritional support. He recommends quality vitamin D supplements and food rich in vitamin D, such as fish, eggs and mushrooms.

Pain is commonly caused by inflammation and that is why vitamin C, a potent anti-inflammatory, is so important for good health. Fortunately, vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables, but since many busy people don’t eat enough of them, whole food supplements help fill in the gap.

Vitamin B is another nutrient that plays a vital role in pain management, Dr. Juan advises, particularly nerve and diabetes-related pain. Vitamin B promotes homocysteine, which reduces inflammation. Since most modern food has less nutritional value (vitamins and minerals) than the food our parents and grandparents ate, you may want to include a B-complex vitamin in your daily nutritional and pain management routine.

If you have muscle spasms, it may indicate a magnesium or calcium deficiency. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium, so Dr. Juan recommends trying Epsom salt baths for stress and pain relief, as the pores of your skin absorb the magnesium.

Finally–ginger is an excellent helper in relieving joint pain caused by arthritis and injuries, as it reduces inflammation and increases circulation. Ginger is a component in good whole food supplements, and is an important ingredient in oriental cuisine. You can also make a potent tea from raw ginger, readily available in your local supermarket.

Whatever your case may be, natural solutions are worth a try in minimizing dependence on chemical drugs, and will be more beneficial to overall health in the long run.



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