Quick Tip: Oil use made easy

Avoid soybean, canola, corn, sunflower, and cottonseed oils like the plague that they are. They are processed with hexane, which is toxic—especially to the brain. Think “neurotoxin”. This is the same substance that’s used to make gasoline and other industrial chemicals.

Soybean oil is probably the worst. It is also treated with sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid… and then bleached with hydrochloric acid. By the time the processing is over you have an almost impossible-to-digest substance with virtually no nutritive value.

For far healthier options choose raw coconut oil for your high-heat cooking, and extra virgin olive oil for salads and low-heat (below smoke point) cooking. There are plenty of other good oils to choose from, but these two are readily available and are reasonably economical—making them great choices to start kicking the “bad oil” habit!

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