Vaccine industry and U.S. agencies

cdcvaccineslinkIs there collusion between the vaccine industry and U.S. agencies, such as the CDC and the FDA?

Consumer health care researcher Catherine Frompovich thinks so, and so do a growing number of other thinkers, and families of autism patients.

Frompovich and the Autism Action Network are calling for pressure on Congress and the presidential candidates to address the issues regarding causes of autism.

They urge the public and autism families to ask candidates what they would do to stop the fraud and collusion between the public agencies and the multibillion-dollar vaccine industry, and the dissemination of phony vaccine science and data by the CDC and the FDA.

Frompovich says the CDC has ignored 165 studies showing that thimerosal (mercury) added to vaccines does indeed increase the risk of autism, and findings of one of CDC’s own epidemiologists revealed a 7.6 increased risk of autism in vaccinated infants.

CDC’s current stance is based on only six industry-financed studies, which have been denounced as “flawed” by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), and are a “contradiction of 75 years of research.”

CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD, said he was actually instructed by his superiors to omit the evidence of the link between thimerosal in vaccines and the growing rate of autism.

The CDC’s own stats from 2014 showed that one in 68 children is afflicted by autism. Baby boys are most affected, one in 42. Girls are one in 189.

An extensive survey of parents in 2015 concluded that the rate of autism was one in 42. But the CDC said this year that it appears that the rate of growth has leveled out.

Frompovich said, that with the exception of Congressman Bill Posey of Florida, who addressed Congress on the issue, not a single politician has given even a passing word to the dreadful autism epidemic.

But what about the collusion? Does it exist? There must be something to it, because the agencies (taxpayers) have dished out $3 billion in settlement claims to families of vaccination-damaged children.

Posey told Congress that while he believes in appropriate vaccinations, he is disturbed by the evidence of collusion and the lack of honest investigation, dissemination of information  to parents, safety measures, and the mandatory nature of questionable vaccines in many places.

Many physicians believe that newborn infants should have no vaccinations for six weeks and certainly not multiple vaccinations on the tiny bodies with no developed immune system. Others believe (appropriate, thimerosal-free) vaccinations should not be administered until after the age of two.

Meanwhile, Frompovich and the Autism Action Network say that election season is the ideal time to bring the issue of autism  to the attention of inattentive politicians absorbed primarily with election or re-election.

For more information, Frompovich advises everyone to see the detailed documentary, VAXXED.

The vaccine industry went to great efforts to prevent distribution of the documentary, as well as its inclusion in the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

That should tell you something about ‘transparency.’