Wonder why the war on raw milk?

WarOnRawMilkWars, wars and more wars. One would think the U.S. is involved in enough perpetual wars.

The war on poverty, war on drugs, war on terrorism, war on tobacco, and on and on—none of which has proved beneficial to life on the earth, seas and air generally, and health particularly.

But for years now, the FDA and its industrial cohorts have been waging a war of harassment, fines, confiscations and even jailings on farmers who sell raw milk directly to eager buyers in their communities.

These buyers who go to the trouble of seeking out a nutritional raw milk source are well aware that pasteurized milk is DEAD milk—the enzymes and other nutrients abolished by extreme heat.

But while the agencies are churning out warnings about the ‘perils’ of raw milk, not once have I seen an honest statement advising us of that fact (although the studies and findings are easily available on numerous natural health websites).

So why, with our country’s countless problems (not the least of which is deteriorating health of the public), is taxpayer money and government power used to harass and bankrupt local citizens who seek to avoid as much as possible the food system that has failed us and return to the natural food that many of us grew up on?

The answer is simple. MONEY.

The money government depends on comes from an ever greater concentration of  life decisions into fewer controlling hands. It’s far easier to swat individuals and small businesses than it is to restrict international corporations and huge industries, no matter what harm they inflict.

So, to get back to raw milk—which cannot be sold commercially in most states—here are a few facts that you can investigate further for yourself:

Cows were not meant to eat grains. Their stomachs cannot digest them properly and humans cannot assimilate and digest them properly either—especially if they are pasteurized.

Most commercial dairy products come from penned-up cows fed on GMO corn, soy, antibiotics and hormones. They live short lives. Fortunately, we are still able to buy cheese and butter from more appropriately fed livestock, which is better, even if pasteurized.

Raw milk from grass and hay-fed cows contains eight essential amino acids and key enzymes and enzyme inhibitors (immunoglobulins or antibodies), vitamin-binding proteins, growth factors, improved absorption, assimilation of iron, anti-cancer properties, antiviral properties and anti-microbial action against species of bad bacteria that cause dental cavities.

Also of vital importance, only in raw milk from cows not fed grains is full conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) obtained. CLA raises metabolic rates, helps remove abdominal fat, boosts muscle growth, strengthens immune systems and lowers food allergy reactions.

Pasteurized milk, NOT raw milk, is linked to allergies, gastro-intestinal problems, diabetes, auto-immune disease, asthma, heart disease and cancer.

For more information on raw milk and how you can obtain it, see www.realmilk.com

Additional source: http://viewsandpreviews.com

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