‘Waterloo’ Ahead for Global, Toxic, Industrial Farming

Spraying pesticidesIt may not be around the corner. In fact, it may take several corners yet. But as Napoleon met his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, so may the toxic, monopolistic  industrial model of our day soon suffer its own version of agricultural Waterloo.

As superweeds on farms, superbugs in hospitals, deaths and deadly side effects from pharmaceutical drugs, and record suicides and new diseases proliferate, the once sleepy general public is beginning to pay attention.

Recently McDonald’s and KFC have been embarrassed by China-produced broilers tainted by hormones and drugs. McDonald’s ‘petrified’ (with preservatives) 15-year-old hamburgers are an Internet joke.

Recent news reports have told of a third of seafood samples being sold as a species something other than what they were.

British grocer Tesco (the third largest retailer in the world) advertises to its UK consumers that by summer it will sell only chicken from Ireland and the Uk—as it now does with beef. Many countries will not accept hormone and chemical-laden U.S. feedlot beef.

Anti-GMO protestors are demonstrating all over the world. Sixty countries require labeling (not the U.S.).  The Whole Foods grocery chain has promised to eliminate GMO ingredients from its markets over the next few years.

The number of small, organic farms, home gardeners and local farmers markets are growing dramatically each year.

As Acres USA notes in its May 2013 issue, “The bottom line is that informed shoppers will not be ignored by retailers, even though the food industry and its revolving-door mouthpieces in USDA and FDA do—with each new day, alternatives are multiplying….

The list goes on…and on.  But…..”Nature always bats last.”

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