What is acidophilus? You secret weapon to maximize your gut health

The name acidophilus is derived from the Greek term, “for life.”

So what is acidophilus?

Basically, acidophilus is one of the strains of probiotics, friendly bacteria that begin colonizing in the body hours or days after birth, depending on the mother’s diet.

These beneficial bacteria are courtesy of the natural function of the miraculous human body.

These are a type of lactic acid bacteria that feed on sugars in food and produce enzymes  such as proteases and lipases which assist in the breakdown of proteins and fats.

Lactic acid ‘live cultures’ are the end product of the fermentation process and can be obtained from high quality yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and kambucha.

These friendly bacteria strengthen immune system activity, fight inflammation, prevent infection and promote healthy, balanced digestion by preventing the overgrowth of pathogens in the digestive tract.

The acidophilus bacteria are instrumental in helping the body produce natural vitamins K and the B complexes.

They also aid the balanced absorption of the essential minerals copper, iron and magnesium.

The question, ‘what is acidophilus and what does it do?’ is answered in a multitude of ways.

Acidophilus and other probiotics help lower allergic response, function as  colon cleansers, thus reducing the chance of either diarrhea or constipation, relieve irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and protect against E coli infection.

Acidophilus and other probiotic ‘live cultures’ also help protect against peptic ulcers, lower cholesterol, fight vaginal infections, promote anti-carcinogenic activity—and, help re-establish microflora after antibiotic use.

Remember, antibiotics may be necessary at times to rid the body of bad bacterial infection, but they also kill the beneficial bacteria that aid in all the functions named above.

Probiotic activity is maximized by the consumptions of pre-biotics, found in high-fiber foods such as beans, garlic, beets and asparagus.

Today many factors in farming, food and medical procedures and processes interfere with the body’s ability to function naturally.

If you decide that you need the help of acidophilus and other probiotic aid, be sure you use only high quality supplements.

The formula should contain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, as found in products like Whole Food Multi Complete.

The DDS-1 component is essential for producing the enzymes which break down fat and proteins.

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