Whole Foods GMO Label Commitment First Big Step

WholeFoodsStoreWhole Foods took a big step when it announced recently that it will require all foods in its stores containing genetically modified organisms to be labeled by 2018.

Five years sounds like a long time, but still, it is the first major U.S. grocery chain to make such a commitment. The company said the long timespan is for the purpose of encouraging more farmers to clean up and restore their pesticide-soaked soil and convert to more healthy and natural crops.

The company has long enjoyed a reputation for offering clean and nutritious products not available in conventional grocery chains, but in recent years that reputation started getting tarnished—particularly after the widely viewed Organic Spies video released by Natural News. The illuminating video exposing deception about many of the products carried by Whole Food stores was followed by another video by InfoWars investigative reporters Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton who proved the lie of the company’s claim: “Nothing Artificial Ever.”

Mike Adams of Natural News said the groundbreaking commitment by Whole Food demonstrates the power of millions of people and their grassroots efforts as well as the valuable health education provided by venerable publications such as AcresUSA and popular Internet websites such as Mercola, Organic Consumers Association, the Institute for Responsible Technology (GMOs are IRRESPONSIBLE and unproven technology), Natural News, Natural Society, Activist Post, InfoWars and others.

Adams expects there will soon be retaliation from Monsanto, DuPont and their fellow travelers who are busy attempting to create and own a genetically modified world. It will be interesting to see if their buddies at the FDA, USDA and other government agencies will continue as usual to assist them in crushing resistance to their unnatural vision of the world.

Meanwhile, we must keep up the pressure and demand the kind of vitamin and mineral rich food that kept our ancestors lean, active and almost free of cancer, autism and the dozens of other modern lifestyle afflictions that are turning us into a sickly and obese nation.

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