Winners of the 2012 election: Pharmaceutical companies

What do big-money campaign contributors expect when they make large donations during an election cycle? Are they paying money because they want “freedom to ring” across the country, or because they expect legislation in their favor? I think we can all admit it is the latter.

And with large corporate donations pouring in to both Democrats and Republicans, it’s clear these entities would be the big winners, no matter who won. Banking interests certainly bought their way in, along with agribusiness donors, defense contractors and labor unions.

But unique among the donor list are pharmaceutical companies with their almost even split of donations to both parties. They really covered the bases to make sure they carried influence after the dust settled.

Looking at the election cycle as a whole—not just the presidential election— reports a whopping $34,781,412 donated to Democratic and Republican candidates across the country for the 2012 election cycle. Here are some specific numbers from’s  listing:

Pfizer….. $1,495,189….. with 53% to Democrats and 46% to Republicans

Amgen Inc….. $1,228,321….. with 50% to Democrats and 48% to Republicans

Abbott Labs….. $1,047,984….. with 41% to Democrats and 59% to Republicans

AstraZeneca….. $940,217….. with 47% to Democrats and 53% to Republicans

Merck & Co….. $870,692….. with 52% to Democrats and 48% to Republicans

See the full list at here.


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