U. S. woman obesity increasing fastest of all

ObeseWomanU.S. woman obesity is increasing at a greater rate than any other gender or age group, according to a report in Time.com.

A new study published recently in JAMA says that weight gain in men has plateaued while the obesity rates in women has steadily climbed.

The most recent years analyzed were 2o13-2014. Researchers found that between 2005-2014 there was a “significantly steady increase in U.S. women who were very obese.”

Obesity prevalence in men now stands at 35 percent, while women stand at 40 percent.

Another JAMA study conducted by the same researchers states that over the last 25 years there has been an increase in obesity in young people between the ages of 12-19, have recently gone down in kids between 2-5, and leveled off in kids between 6-11.

The increasing rates of U.S. woman obesity has alarmed the researchers, who include scientists from the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The obesity increase in the U.S. is now 3 decades old, the researchers say. There have been huge investments in clinical research, clinical care and ‘programs’ to reduce obesity.

Nothing has stopped the climb.

Study authors looked at 2013-2014 data for 2,638 adult men and 2,817 adult woman and concluded that ‘progress’ has been much too slow and that perhaps a different approach should emphasize collaboration with food and restaurant industries “that are in part responsible for putting food on dinner tables.”

What a concept! Could the type of food actually be partly responsible for weight gain (as well as a much more sedentary lifestyle)?

Here’s what natural health people have to say, verbalized by Natural News:

* The (modern) food supply is not designed to keep you healthy; it is designed to keep you addicted.

*Commercial corporations exist to maximize profits.

*Food industry profits are designed to leave food consumers nutrient-deficient and still hungry so they want the same junk food over and over again— (and the majority of nutrients from the crops go to animal feed, so they can remain healthy until slaughter).

*A preponderance of food consumed by Americans is heavily processed and removes nearly all key nutrients, such as minerals, fresh oils and phytochemicals.

*These fake foods invoke brain chemical patterns (addictions) that react much as they do to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

*Your body experiences cravings because such a diet creates a state of nutritional deficiency. The cravings are your brain’s way to seek the nutrients you are missing.

U.S. woman obesity does not have to continue increasing (or most other obesity). You don’t have to eat fast or processed food. Plenty of protein and good fruits and vegetables are still available at a reasonable price. You could try cooking good food at home and make sure you are more active.

You don’t have to eat the Standard American Diet. You can choose what you and your family eat.

You can educate yourself on the nutrients your body requires and seek quality whole food supplements to compensate for what you may be missing.

Perhaps the researchers should focus their more healthful “collaboration” goals on government sponsored food programs in schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

It’s not so easy for their clients to choose.