World’s 2nd smartest person and his brain-boosting pill regimen

RickRosnerAmerican Rick Rosner, age 54, has an IQ of 192 and is listed in the World Genius Directory as the 2nd smartest person on the globe—(although some sources list him as fourth).

However, we can all agree that an IQ of 192 is pretty awesome, considering the average IQ is 100.

What’s interesting about Rosner is the ton of natural supplements he takes on a daily basis. His first IQ test was administered when he was in kindergarten, but apparently his parents weren’t complacent about their brainy offspring and established a pattern of healthy living for brain protection and longevity that he follows to this day.

Rosner’s day begins with doses of  coffee and such substances as omega-3 fish oil to counteract accumulation of bad fat and help prevent Alzheimer’s and other brain damage. Then there’s astragalus, which helps stop telemeres from shortening as we age.

Telemeres sit at the end of chromosomes to prevent them from fraying—which they do naturally during the aging process without sufficient nutrients.

And just to name of few items on Rosner’s daily supplement diet:

He  takes curcumin (protects against inflammation), L-carnosine, vitamin D3, vitamin E with selenium and Gamma E,  SAM-e and milk thistle (for liver support), glucosamine and chondroitin (to take care of joints), big doses of vitamin C, lycopene, calcium, top-of-the-line multivitamins, and many more that may or may not have undergone extensive scientific research and been approved by the medical establishment.

At least not since the time of Hippocrates.

Rosner has no particular claim to fame other than the numerous pills he takes. He dropped out of college and has worked as a bouncer, comedy writer and even stripper.

Right now he’s writing a book called Dumbass Genius when he’s not exercising and spending time with his family.

But he’s really, really healthy so far and has a lean, mean 54-year-old body that most twenty-somethings would die for (as long as they didn’t have to take all those pills)!


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