You can help manage pain with your mind

PainMindAll-to-frequently the victim who suffers from debilitating or chronic pain is told “it’s all in your head.” While this is certainly a morale-busting comment to make to the truly suffering, there is a tiny sliver of truth buried deep down in the otherwise cruel comment: research is demonstrating that how a person uses their brain can be a powerful determining factor in their level of pain, and in how well they can “manage” their pain. has a list of “12 mental tricks” that are known to help manage pain. Some work best with acute pain; others are best with long-term, or “chronic” pain.

Here is the quick list:

Meditation; Controlled breathing; Distraction; Saying a mantra; Visualization; Activating pressure points; Positive thinking; Listening to music; Tapping in to your creativity; Laughing; and Enjoying food fantasies.

For more information on these “12 mental tricks,” read the full article here.

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