Your heart and good fats vs. bad fats

Recent surveys have revealed that at least half of us either don’t know (or care) the difference between types of fats… or they believe that ALL fats are bad.

First, ALL fats are definitely not bad.

Fats are necessary for building cell membranes, for the interaction with proteins inside cells, regulating cell signalling, and many other biological processes, including keeping the brain healthy and functioning.


But, what kind of fats are ‘good,’ and which are ‘bad?’

Trans-fats are now universally acknowledged as a ‘bad’ fat. They are a product of our chemical age, and cheap, hydrogenated oils that we were told for decades were ‘healthier’ than butter and lard. Wrong!

Saturated fats, mostly from animal meat and other products, have been considered another ‘bad’ fat that for decades we have been told we should minimize or avoid. Wrong again!

The ‘good’ fats  are polyunsaturated fats (nuts, seeds, avocados), monounsaturated fats (some vegetable foods and oils such as olive oil). Right.

Most mainstream medicine still says the same thing about saturated fats. But, has it led us astray?

Recent science has revealed that SATURATED fats that our ancestors have consumed for thousands of years, are necessary for the body’s cell work mentioned above.

Norway citizens, who world studies have shown to enjoy among the best health on the (modern) globe, are some of the biggest eaters of animal products and saturated fat.

A study of more than 500,000 people around the world have found that saturated- fat-eating Norway leads the globe’s fit people parade.

According to Dr. Mercola and a stream of other natural health advocates, here are the reasons degenerating health continues to plague Americans in comparison to other, more food attentive and healthy countries:

Inadequate exercise, Chronic stress, environmental toxins, sleep problems and poor gut health… NOT  high cholesterol, which has been a profitable scare for many years. Cholesterol is necessary to keep the heart and body strong.


–Limit/eliminate processed foods.

–Limit/eliminate gluten (Americans eat too much modern, manipulated gluten-filled bread and pasta).

–Eat organic when possible.

–Try to eat 30% to 40% of your food uncooked (or at least low-heat or flash cooked).

–Increase intake of fresh vegetables (no big surprise there!).

–Avoid artificial sweeteners, which are worse than sugar.

–Eliminate transfats via cheap oils and margarine (the genuinely ‘bad’ fats).

–Use real butter (sparingly). Or, if you like lots of butter, find a reliable raw butter source.

–Take a high-quality omega-3 supplement.

–And, finally… drink plenty of good, clean water!

Additional recommendations for those who strive for a stronger heart and overall better health include:

Exercise more, move, don’t sit for long periods; fast occasionally, ground your body by walking barefoot on bare earth. Most people probably don’t know that free electrons are in the earth and transfer themselves to your body. Avoid statin drugs…..and all chemicals, when possible.





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