Your organs and the Chinese Body Clock

TCMBodyClockMost of us have little knowledge or interest in what’s going on inside our bodies—unless we have pain or other problems.

But Traditional Chinese Medicine may have had some ideas long in the past.

Modern natural health advocates have just discovered—and tried—the information on the Chinese Body Clock, explaining the body’s organs (Qi), and a premise based on the cyclic flow of energy through the body moving in 2-hour intervals through various organ systems.

We will start the clock at 11 PM, gallbladder time, a time to sleep and regenerate. If you have gallstones, you may have pain at this time.

1 AM to 3AM is liver time. We should be deep resting and dreaming while the liver does its detox work. If you are wakeful, the liver may be overwhelmed by the detox process of eliminating chemical drugs, alcohol, poor diet or big meals and snacking late at night.

3 AM to 5 AM is lung time. Sleep soundly. If you cough, your lungs may be expelling toxins.

5 AM to 7 AM. This is the large intestine time. Wake up and drink lots of water to hydrate the body. The body requires this hydration to supply you with a healthy colon.

Perhaps this practice would reduce the many cases of colon cancer we see now.

7 AM to 9 AM is the stomach time. Eat a light breakfast of fruit, protein, healthy fats and/or complex, not processed, carbs. Exercise. Get out in the sun.

9 AM to 11 AM is spleen time. The spleen is not given much attention, but it is associated with mental powers, supports metabolism and is largely responsible for converting nutrients to energy.

This is a good time to work and be active.

11 AM to 1 PM is the time period for heart health. Eat a nutritious lunch, but not filling. There is much to do in the afternoon. Connect with loved ones or workmates. Be social.

1 PM to 3 PM is an important time for small intestine work as it digests lunch. It is a good work and energy time. Solve problems, get organized, sort out issues.

3 PM to 5 PM is said to be an important time for the bladder. Work, study, drink tea, more water and help the bladder to function efficiently in its assistance job of detoxing.

5 Pm to 7 PM is an important kidney time, according to the Chinese Body Clock. Eat dinner as early as possible and restore the energy that the kidneys store. DON’T eat large dinners late and snack in front of the screen.

7 PM to 9 PM, the pericardium is said to be at its most active stage. The pericardium contributes to functional circulation, brain health and reproductive organ performance. The TCM clock says this is the best time for massaging, sex and to conceive.

9 PM to 11 PM is supposed to be the best work time for the thyroid and adrenals. These little organs are responsible for energy transfer, temperature and metabolism.

Avoid eating this time of night. Chill out, relax, read and/or listen to music.

Now we are full circle on the clock, and hopefully we have gained some admiration and curiosity about the organs inside us that keep us functioning. Treat them right.

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