Yum yum–we are having glyphosate for breakfast

Suggesting that we are having glyphosate for breakfast may sound like a malicious attempt at humor. But there is nothing funny about it.

According to a new report released in November 2016 by The Detox Project and Food Democracy Now!, the U.S. food supply is permeated with poisonous glyphosate (Roundup).

The title of the report is: Glyphosate: Unsafe on any Plate.

And scientists found the highest levels of this toxic chemical in Cheerios, the breakfast favored by millions of rushed or lazy Americans.

Even worse, Cheerios are served by many moms to their babies as one of the first solid foods, as the tiny tots love poking their fingers in the Cheerio holes.

Only one bowl of Cheerios ingested by a vulnerable one year old child is a dangerous overload, says Dave Murphy, Executive Director of Food Democracy Now!

So yes, countless Americans are having glyphosate for breakfast— as well as lunch and dinner.

Modern foods, particularly processed foods are filled with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and many unknown additives.

Every day various hazardous agents enter our body through diet and slowly accumulate, only later showing their damage in cancers and other diseases and illnesses.

Feeding this kind of toxin-loaded food to a developing child sets the little one’s metabolism pace of  the body for a lifetime—which is a primary reason that so many modern children are diagnosed with previously unknown afflictions.

Murphy explains that Monsanto has three patents for glyphosate. The first was issued in the 1960s for cleaning pipes. Like Drano, it strips the mineral buildup out of the pipes.

Scientists have found that it actually chelates those same minerals in the soil and makes them unavailable to the plant.

Monsanto scientists later found that glyphosate also kills weeds and it came on the market in 1974 as a pesticide. For years it was used to kill weeds on roadsides,  in parks and for forest management.

Then in 1996 Roundup Ready crops (corn, soy and cotton) were introduced. Since then, toxic Roundup Ready use has ballooned to 300 million pounds a year in the U.S. alone.

Glyphosate saturates the Midwest farm belt of Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.

Processed foods are filled with toxic genetically modified corn and soy additives from the farm belt, which the report found especially prevalent in ‘prepared’ cereals, America’s breakfast of choice. So yes, we are having glyphosate for breakfast.

U.S. Geological Surveys of 2007 and 2011 showed that 75 percent of rainwater, river and stream samples in the Midwest contained glyphosates.

More recent data from government sources is not available, nor is recent government data about diminished nutrient contents of such basic field vegetables as carrots and potatoes.

The conventional treatment of our chemically-treated soil prevents the plants’ uptake of vital nutrients that we once had.

The Roundup herbicide sprayed on crops in addition to the glyphosate already in the crops evaporates into the air, goes downwind and is taken into the clouds, often falling 100s of miles from where it was first applied.

Today every American needs to be a food scientist, especially mothers of new babies and youngsters. Organic or at least conventional whole food prepared from scratch, and quality whole food supplements may be the best investment you will ever make in your child’s health future.

Don’t allow our lives to be poisoned for field, food and Pharma profit.

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